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Cathedral Lakes Lodge provides transportation services for campers staying in BC Parks’ two provincial back country campgrounds. The Quiniscoe Lake campground is a 5-minute walk from the lodge, and Lake of the Woods campground is about a 25-minute walk. The campgrounds are only accessible by foot via the Lakeview Trail (16KM) or by the lodge’s 4x4 vehicles. Secure parking is available at base camp at no charge when you book transportation with us. Due to limited seating trips must be booked and prepaid.  We recommend booking two to four months in advance.

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2023 Transportation Prices & Times

Up the mountain daily from Basecamp 10:00 am 2:00 pm 4:30 pm
Down the mountain daily from the Lodge 9:00am 1:00pm 3:30

$ 168.00 with tax per adult

$ 84.00 with tax per child (4-12 years of age) 3 and under ride for free

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How do I pay for my transportation into the park?

You can now book online through our website, go to book now, select camper transportation, select dates, we operate Mid June- First week of October. Hit search, hit book now/ camper transportation, hit complete booking, Now you can ad your transportation to your cart according to your group/numbers. Please ensure you have added transportation to your cart before you enter your payment info. Once you have paid you will be able to select your arrival time and departure.

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Can I book a one-way trip?

Yes, its half the cost and can be done online. Select one-way transportation when adding to your cart.

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Can I pay to shuttle bags with no people?

No sorry we do not shuttle bags with out people.

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Who operates the campgrounds?

BC Parks/Kaloya Contracting:


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Where do I pay my camping fees?

Camping fees are payable online up to two weeks prior to your arrival through the BC Parks reservation service. Although the system does not reserve a campsite, the system provides visitors the convenience of prepaying for their trip and not having to carry cash. You can also pay cash upon arrival.

Can I reserve my campsite?

There are plans to include the campgrounds inside Cathedral Provincial Park to the list of campgrounds reservable through Discover BC, however this has not yet been implemented. For more information regarding camping and campground reservation, please Park Operator (Kaloya Contracting: 250-548-0076).

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Where do I get firewood for my campsite?

The Park Operator sells firewood to people camping at Quiniscoe Lake. Fires are not permitted at Lake of the Woods. Cathedral Lakes Lodge does not provide firewood to campers.

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How many bags can I bring on the shuttle?

One large backpack and large duffel bag per person. One cooler per group

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How early should I arrive at base camp?

The gate will be locked until your scheduled departure time, however arriving 15-20 minutes early is always recommended.

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Can I use the lodge facilities?

Although campers may come to the lodge to purchase drinks and meals, all other lodge facilities (showers, hot tubs, sauna, boats, firewood etc.) are reserved for lodge guests.

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Can I drink the water?

Potable water is not available in the park. All surface water must be treated filtered or boiled prior to consumption.

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Is there a garbage at Base Camp, the Lodge or the BC Parks Campground?

No. We do not have a garbage at our base camp, nor do we accept garbage not produced at the lodge. BC Parks does not have a garbage facility. All garbage must be packed in and out.

Visit BC Parks website... For more information about Cathedral Provincial Park.

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Sorry, no pets or mountain bikes are allowed in Cathedral Provincial Park

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